Egor Lazarev

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Visiting Fellow in the MacMillan Center
34 Hillhouse Avenue

Egor Lazarev is a Pre-Doctoral Fellow at Yale University’s Program on Order, Conflict, and Violence and a doctoral candidate in political science at Columbia University. His dissertation focuses on legal pluralism, the coexistence of statutory law, shari’a, and customary law in Chechnya. First it examines the historical development of legal pluralism and the political logic of promotion of non-state legal orders by regional authorities. Second it explores individual preferences for the alternative legal orders and the impact of conflict on these preferences. The dissertation also compares Chechnya with neighboring Muslim-majority regions of Dagestan and Ingushetia, and investigates preferences for the alternative legal orders within Chechen diasporas in Europe. Egor has also conducted research in Central Asia, Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina. His research has been been published in World Politics and Political Science Research & Methods.