Steven Wilkinson

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Nilekani Prof of India & South Asian Studies and Inst Soc Pol Studies; Chn Political Science
115 Prospect St, New Haven, CT 06511

Steven I. Wilkinson is Professor of Political Science and International Affairs. He is currently working on a book on colonial legacies for democracy and conflict, as well as co-authoring a series of papers on the dynamics of partition violence in India and elsewhere. Much of his work focuses on India and on ethnic violence. His book, Votes and Violence: electoral competition and ethnic riots in India (Cambridge, 2004) was co-winner of APSA’s Woodrow Wilson prize for the best book published in government, politics and international affairs in the previous year. He has also edited, with his former colleague Herbert Kitschelt, a book on clientelism entitled Patrons, Clients or Politics: Patterns of Political Accountability and Competition (Cambridge, 2007). He received his undergraduate degree in History from the University of Edinburgh and an A.M. in History from Duke before getting his Ph.D. in Political Science from M.I.T.